My wife Nancy doesn’t need glasses to see at distance.  She just uses reading glasses, but often doesn’t have them handy when she needs them.  So she decided to get a sample bottle of Vuity, the new presbyopic prescription eye drop.  Here’s how it worked for her.

Nancy put a drop of Vuity in each eye about an hour before we went to eat at a restaurant.  She was able to read the menu without putting on her reading glasses and was also able to do some texting on her phone.  Her vision wasn’t perfectly crisp and clear, but good enough for her to enjoy dinner without messing with glasses.

She also tried the drops before going to a basketball game and was able to read the program/roster without any help from her glasses.  When this sample bottle runs out, she will definitely be getting a prescription for Vuity.

So for social situations, we feel that Vuity should work well for most people that have good distance vision and only need reading glasses.  However, they will still need their reading glasses for extended close work because Vuity won’t provide the crisp, clear vision and comfort that prescription lenses do.

If you would like to try a sample bottle of Vuity, give us a call at 641-394-2326.

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