“Dr Eiler explains everything so well, it eased my mind that my eyes were okay.”
— Kristin M, New Hampton

“I have been with Eye Care Associates for 53 years. Started back with Dr. Tunnell on Main St. when I was 4 years old, then when Dr. Uglum took over the practice I never left. There are other eye glass / eye care places I could go to that are closer for me, but why, I am happy with the care I receive. They have always seen to it that my prescription, which is very unique is correct.When ever I need my glasses adjusted I just pop in and they do it.”
— Connie L, Calmar

“Dr. Eiler took time to answer all of my questions that I ask him and his staff was very helpful.”
— Janice K, Ionia

“Very professional service, the staff was friendly and helpful. They were very knowledgeable from the time I walked in to the time I left. I was very well taken care of, and my doctor was sure to explain everything fully to be sure I understood. ”
— Anderena T, New Hampton

“Folks are very personable. Atmosphere is pleasant and quiet. Everyone really knows their job.”
— Cynthia K, Lawler

“It’s good to be coming back here. I did recognize a couple of faces. A lot of questions were answered and the glasses were reasonably priced. I will admit it, I did check into Walmart, they were higher on the same ones I picked out. Thank you again!”
— Laurie G, New Hampton

“My recent eye exam involved many specific and thorough tests to aid in finding out the total health of my eyes. Dr. Uglum and the staff are a team of knowledgeable, kind and caring professionals. It’s fortunate that New Hampton has such a quality vision establishment.”
— Claudia, New Hampton

“My experience as a patient at Eye Care Associates was a very positive one. The professionalism exhibited by all the staff I encountered was of the highest level. The examine I received was the most thorough eye examine I had ever had. I appreciate the fact that the eye care providers have and use advanced technologies to assist them in providing quality eye examines and care. Vision is an important sense and changes as we age. Monitoring these changes should rely on all resources available.”
— Colette, Charles City

“Everyone is so kind. Dr Eiler is very down to earth and explains things in way that I can understand. ”
— John, Lawler

“I would like to thank the staff and Dr.Chris Eiler for the excellent service I was given Monday 2/9/2015 when I called in about having gotten some foreign material in my left eye. I really appreciate the office clerks for getting me in promptly without an appointment and for Dr Chris Eiler and his assistants for their excellent service. I had instant relief to my left eye as soon as Dr. Eiler removed the foreign material, and had no further complications after.”
— Dan D, New Hampton

“Everyone is friendly and they are fast. They have amazing services as well. Great quality services.”
— Bryan N, New Hampton

“All of the diagnosis and preventative eye care equipment at Eye Care Associates is 100% current with today’s technology. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for the health of my eyesight!”
— Renee C Cresco

“Everyone from the front desk to the doctor is very friendly & helpful. Always helped with any questions I had — I usually have plenty! Thanks.”
— Vera W., Fort Atkinson

“The staff are all helpful and made me feel relaxed. I tend to have “white coat syndrome” and I was very relaxed at my check up. Thank you. ”
— Darlene A., New Hampton

“My recent eye exam involved many specific and thorough tests to aid in finding out the total health of my eyes. Dr. Uglum and the staff are a team of knowledgeable, kind and caring professionals. It’s fortunate that New Hampton has such a quality vision establishment.”
— J.C., New Hampton

“I’m always pleased with the staff and expertise. I could have my eyes checked in Texas, (local for me) but choose to wait until I’m in New Hampton.”
— Kathleen, Little Elm, Texas

“Thanks to Dr. Uglum and his staff for keeping up to date with technology and training in order to diagnose my glaucoma before damage occurred to my vision. Our community is fortunate to have such a top notch eye care facility.”
— Claudia, New Hampton

“I’ve already told friends about you & my great appointment yesterday.”
— Shirley B., New Hampton

“I was glad not to be pressured to try anything or buy anything, but still receive a great examination with people who gladly answered my questions. It was great of Dr. Eiler to share his email and number to answer any questions I forgot. Great service.”
— Kristie, Lawler

“It’s great to have new equipment. It gives me more confidence in my exam. The Optomap helps the doctor view changes in the eye from year to year. I think everyone should have it.”
— Willis, New Hampton

“I was pleased with all of the knowledgeable and friendly staff members and the time Dr. Eiler took explain how my eyes were and to answer any questions. I know everyone is busy and truly appreciate not having to wait too long in any one room also.”
— Mary, New Hampton

“I really like that you put the information papers in the email you send out for the reminder of upcoming appointment so we can fill it out at home with our medicine labels at home.”
— Jerry J, Waucoma

“Your staff is always very friendly and that is the first impression as you enter the office. The front desk especially. Thank you!”
— Connie H, Fredericksburg

“Very friendly, competent and compassionate staff. They listened to my mother’s specific needs and wishes and allowed her to be part of her care and make decisions that are right for her. Thank you Dr. Eiler and all staff. ”
— Daughter of a 94 year old female

“I like the way they check my eyes, they do a better job checking them than any other place I’ve been at. I would drive that extra mile for the care that I get here. You really do care about my eyes and health. Thank you so much. ”
— Dorothy, Maynard

“I have been Dr. Uglum’s patient for many years. I appreciate his gentle manner and professional knowledge. When I have eye problems his staff work well with me in scheduling appointments. I am very satisfied with the care and service I have always received from Dr. Uglum and his capable staff.”
— Bruce, New Hampton

“The doctor and his staff make on feel very comfortable. The staff is well trained and informed the patient about the tests being conducted. I would rate them 4 stars out of 4 stars. Thanks for years of service.”
— Patsy, New Hampton

The exam I received was the best I have ever had, and I have been wearing glasses since I was in Junior High. (over 40 years). I’m also pleased with the eyewear. I have and will recommend your office to others. The doctor and staff were very accommodating. Thank you for the excellent service.

Jane F, New Hampton