We offer No Interest Payment Plans through CareCredit.

It is important to be able to schedule treatment and care right away. That’s why we offer CareCredit Patient Payment Plans. CareCredit, the leader in patient financing, has helped more than 3 million patients nationwide get the treatment and care they need.

We offer 6 Month payment plan options with no interest if paid within the specific promotional period. As long as you pay the minimum monthly payment each month when due and the balance in full by the end of the 6 Months, no interest will be charged on your purchase.

Applying for CareCredit is quick and easy. Simply choose the option you prefer below. Download a CareCredit brochure here

Standard Application:

Fill out application on one of our iPads onsite

Receive a decision immediately

Finance your eye care interest free

Online Application:

Go to www.carecredit.com

Fill out the patient application

Receive a decision immediately

Contact our practice to schedule treatment or care

Automated Phone Application:

Call (800) 365-8295

Receive an immediate decision

Contact our practice to schedule treatment or care