Eye Care Associates of New Hampton has new equipment that helps us more effectively diagnose the causes of dry eye. We also have new treatment technology that dramatically improves dry eye symptoms. Traditional dry eye therapy consists of eye drops and/or ointments that provides temporary relief of symptoms. We are now able to treat the source of the problem – which is more effective long term. Our patients love this.

Recent studies show that Meibomian Gland Disease of MGD is responsible for 70% of dry eye symptoms. MGD occurs when the oil glands in the eye lids become inflamed. This ininflammation causes blockage of the oil glands in the eye lids. Meibomian glands produce the oil layer of our tears. Without that oil layer, our tear evaporate easily causing dry eye symptoms like:

      • Irritation
      • Stinging
      • Grittiness
      • Burning
      • Redness
      • Fluctuating vision
      • Watering eyes (confusing but true)

Eye Care Associates of New Hampton has technology that provides detailed images of the meibomian glands. These images are obtained non-invasive with no discomfort to the patient. The technology can measure the break up time and determines the quality of the tear meniscus. Both of these tests help us determine the severity of the dry eye.

How is MGD Treated?

If MGD is diagnosed, treatment can be administered which will improve meibomian gland function and reduce or eliminate dry eye symptoms.

This treatment is preformed in a spa type environment by highly trained clinical technicians. It is very relaxing and our patients tell us that it feels great!