e have written previously about the importance of limiting our ultra violet (UV) light exposure from the sun. It accelerates the progression of cataract, macular degeneration and skin cancer on the eyelids. It’s also important to remember that even on an overcast day, the UV comes through the clouds and can still do its damage.

One solution to this problem is to never go outside. But we think a much more practical way to eliminate UV exposure to your eyes is simply to wear glasses that block UV. We can put UV protection in lenses without a tint or use Transitions for brief periods in the sun. But often these glasses allow a lot of light to enter the eyes anyway because the frames aren’t large enough to block the light coming from above, to the sides and reflected from below.

This is a GREAT TIME to get your own pair of prescription sun glasses. There is still some Summer left so get out there and enjoy it – SAFELY!The best ways to block more of that UV is to:

  • wear a hat to block more light from above
  • wear sunglasses that have larger lenses
  • wear sunglasses that fit closer to your face

For those that wear prescription glasses this can be done with clip ons or fit overs. But the ideal way is to have a pair of prescription sunglasses. This may seem cost prohibitive, but for the rest of August and September we are offering FREE UV blocking, single vision prescription sunglass lenses with the purchase of a frame.

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