I stopped wearing photochromic lenses years ago. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. They didn’t lighten completely indoors
  2. They looked weird in pictures
  3. They didn’t get dark enough outside
  4. They didn’t darken enough if I wore a hat
  5. They got too dark (or not dark enough) on cloudy days
  6. They took too long to lighten up when I came inside
  7. I used regular sunglasses and didn’t need a tint in my regular glasses

These days I HAVE TRANSITIONS LENSES IN ALL OF MY GLASSES! Why the change of heart? It’s all about the new technology. The problems listed above have been solved. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Problems #1 – Not lightening completely. When I’m indoors, no one realizes I’m wearing Transitions lenses anymore. That’s because they lighten up completely. They look like regular clear lenses, because that’s what they are when they aren’t activated. I’m happy about that because I don’t like to have any tint in my glasses when indoors.

Problem #2 – Lenses looking weird in pictures. Indoor pictures no longer have those tinted lenses that made my eyes look darker than normal. The first picture, a selfie of me shows no sign a tint, even under a bright light. Some people falsely claim that indoor lighting makes these lenses darken. But it takes UV light from the sun to activate and darken them. Problem #2 – solved!

Problem #3 – Not dark enough outside. Unless I’m driving or on the water, Transitions are dark enough for most of what I do outdoors. I actually wrote this while on vacation in San Diego and wore my Transitions lenses most all of the time while there. It’s bright and sunny every day in Southern California and it was really nice that I didn’t need to keep track of two pair of glasses (sunglasses & non-tinted) while walking around the city going into buildings, restaurants, etc. If I’m driving, I still switch to my Maui Jim sunglasses because the Transitions don’t darken much in the car (the windshield blocks the UV). And when on the water, my polarized sunglasses block the reflected glare much better than Transitions.

Problem #4 – Not dark enough wearing a hat. The second picture shows my Transitions while wearing a cap outdoors. As you can see, they darken just fine. That’s because the reflected UV they get from the environment is enough to make them darken fully.

Problem #5 – Not darkening properly on cloudy days. The new Transitions lenses darken according to how much UV exposure they get. On cloudy days, they are still exposed to some UV so they darken a little. On sunny days they get more UV so they get very dark. They “self adjust” according to lighting conditions.

Problem #6 – Taking too long to lighten up. When I go inside, the new Transitions lenses don’t take very long to start lightening up. In fact, I just don’t notice any problem when I go indoors anymore.

Problem #7 – Sunglasses eliminate the need for Transitions. I still love my Maui Jim sunglasses as stated above. They are great for driving and on the water. But there are so many times when I’m going in and out of buildings or my back yard multiple times a day. It’s a real pain to put my sunglasses on and off that many times. With the Transitions lenses I can just leave one pair of glasses on and still get great light control and UV protection.

Another think to consider are the recent statistics on re-purchase of Transitions lenses by those that already wear them. In 2016, 92% of the people that had the new Transitions lenses said they would definitely purchase them again. I’M DEFINITELY IN THAT 92%

And finially – remember that at Eye Care Associates Of New Hampton – we absolutely guarantee you will be happy with your purchase. SO YOU CAN TRY TRANSITIONS LENSES RISK FREE!

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