Eye Care Associates Of New Hampton has just been certified by the state of Iowa as a diagnostic clinical laboratory.  This certification ensures that our lab tests provide the quality and reliability necessary to properly diagnose certain eye diseases.

What does this mean for our patients?  It means that they can expect accurate diagnosis and treatment for eye diseases like dry eye.  There are multiple causes for dry eye disease and in order to treat it properly, we need to know which one is the culprit.

Another big advantage is that we can now do this testing onsite and get results immediately.  This allows us to get the proper treatment started right away!

Dry eye disease is now the #1 reason for eye discomfort in the US.  A big reason for this is how much “screen time” we get staring at smart phones, tablets and computers.  Burning, itching and watery eyes are usually the result of poor tear chemistry.

Fortunately, dry eye disease can be successfully treated.  Laboratory testing of our patient’s tears give us the ability to provide the proper treatment and relieve their symptoms in a timely manner.Ri

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