If you needed brain surgery, which surgeon would you rather have?

1. The one who has done many successful brain surgeries
2. The one who hasn’t done many and had limited success

The answer is pretty obvious. But what does that have to do with bifocal contact lenses?

The same principle applies every time we pay someone to perform a service. The more experience and success they have, the more likely that you will also have a successful outcome.

Statistics show that we fit twice as many bifocal contact lenses than other optometry practices in the US. Not to brag, but the fact is that we’re pretty good at this. The numbers don’t lie.

If you have trouble with eye strain, headaches or blurry vision when reading or using your computer, bifocal contact lenses may be the perfect solution.

If you’d like to give them a try, give us a call at 641-394-2326.

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