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  • Should You Buy Glasses Online?
    We've created a short video that will help you determine if you should order your eyeglasses online.  You can access this video HERE Read more
  • Contact Lenses & Covid 19
    Is It Dangerous To Wear Contact Lenses During The Covid Crisis? There are two basic risks to wearing contacts in the current covid environment.  Both can be easily managed.  Here is Read more
    I work on my computer a lot.  Whether it's looking at patient charts, managing the business side of the practice, writing articles, learning about the latest eye care trends, participating Read more
    Over the past few weeks we have been providing urgent care with either telemedicine or on site patient visits.  Per Governor Reynolds guidelines, we started seeing patients for routine eye care Read more
  • What 90% Of People Don't Know About Macular Degeneration
    Macular degeneration, or AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration), continues to be one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States.  At Eye Care Associates Of New Hampton, Read more
  • Free Shipping During This Crisis
    To reduce our patient's risk for exposure to the coronavirus, we are offering free delivery on orders over $30.  You can now receive your macular degeneration supplements, dry eye products, Read more
    The risk of getting the corona virus in Iowa is still small. We just wanted to let you know that we are aware and that proper precautions have already been Read more
  • Can Macular Supplements Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?
    Recent studies indicate that people with risk factors for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) also have reduced cognitive function which puts them at higher risk for developing Alzheimer's disease (AD).The macula Read more
  • ECA Has Certified Clinical Laboratory
    Eye Care Associates Of New Hampton has just been certified by the state of Iowa as a diagnostic clinical laboratory.  This certification ensures that our lab tests provide the quality Read more
  • Technology Makes Wearing Bifocal Contact Lenses Easier Than Ever!
    It's widely known that once someone gets into their mid 40's, their ability to perform near point tasks becomes more difficult. Reading glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses are then needed Read more
    We thought you would like to know that Medicare has rated our eye care clinic 100 out of 100 based on several factors. That means that we are providing the Read more
  • Light Adapting Contact Lenses Available Soon
    Be One Of The First In Iowa To Try These Amazing Contacts Imagine having contact lenses that automatically control light intensity and glare!  EYE CARE ASSOCIATES OF NEW HAMPTON will be Read more
  • Use Flex Dollars For Prescription Eyewear And Contact Lenses
    Many people don't realize that they can use their remaining FSA dollars on prescription eyewear.  Computer glasses can reduce or eliminate eye strain when you're using your phone, tablet or Read more
  • New Technology For Diabetic Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma Patients
    Eye Care Associates Of New Hampton has added new medical technology again!  It's called OCTA, which stands for Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography.  At the present time it is only available Read more
    Human tears are composed of three layers: The lipid or oil layerThe aqueous or water layerThe mucin layerThe lipid or oil layer stabilizes the tears and prevents evaporation.   New studies show that an inadequate Read more
  • Nerdwax-Low Tech Solution to a Common Problem
    Our office is filled with “high tech” equipment that helps us diagnose and treat eye diseases. It’s hard to imagine now taking care of patients without it.But sometimes there are “low Read more